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Super Bowl
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HOUSTON (AP) - It may have been a surge, explained how much it is necessary to watch the presidential debate, like some kind of a wholesale turn away from football.

Or, through the decades, in 2016 could be remembered as the crowd began to fall out of love season with the NFL.

TV ratings were down eight percent, with the presidential elections in part, but not exclusively to blame. Many of the most prominent league competitions were boring breakthroughs, including eight of the 10 playoff games leading up to today's Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons.

Two teams from the NFL refused fan base in St. Louis and San Diego in favor of the original house, Los Angeles, where no team has played for decades.

Raiders are considering leaving Oakland to Las Vegas, which, despite its fame as the gambling capital of America, has never supported a team of big-leagues.

A key segment of fantasy football is a big driver of growth NFL, like everything else in the last few years have seen a huge number of its plateau.

According Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, tickets for daily fantasy games rose by four percent in 2016, compared to 222 percent a year earlier, and in several states have investigated the legality of what some perceive as gambling.

It was all piled on top of current stories about concussions and their impact on the players, the problem of domestic violence, not weakened, the national anthem of protest Colin Kaepernick and management commissioner Roger Goodell, who is often portrayed as a heavy -handed and ignorant on some of the most League acute problems.

Appendix A - "Deflategate", which led to a four-game suspension from the most famous player, perhaps the league, Tom Brady.

Brady is going to close the season on his fifth Super Bowl ring in a game that will draw high ratings thanks to a decade-long hold on the NFL spent on American sports fans.

This fascination will last indefinitely, however, it can not be given. Baseball, boxing and horse racing once absorbed the American public, but they do not anymore.

"You have a bad game (concussion) and drugs, and decreasing interest in the game as a whole," said Orin Starn, a professor of Duke, who studies sports in society ,.

"When you throw in the welfare to billionaires this stadium extortion, you wonder at what point the goodwill" Joe NFL Fan 'is about to be scattered, and the people are going to lose interest in the NFL. "

One big question - is the average fan even more in question math NFL?

Jacks and chargers each moved from the cities, where they played for decades - failed to conclude an agreement in their existing homes, as well as the lure of the stadium $ 2.6 billion funded by the owner of the Rams Kroenke is too tempting to ignore.

Luxury boxes and additional revenues from such attractions, adjacent to the stadium to help pay some of the bills.

A bunch of TV contracts worth about $ 40 billion until 2022 will finance the rest.

The actual fans?

Chargers clearly do not need them too badly. While Kroenke Palace is under construction, they are ready to play in the 30,000-seat football location near the center of Los Angeles that is less than two-thirds of the stadiums in the mountains of the Western Conference of American football.

"You look at it, and at some level, there is some suggestion that they take fans for granted," Eric Simons, author of "The Secret Life of sports fans," said. '' There's this idea that fans will follow or that the fans do not matter. They will sell their boxes to large corporations no matter where they go. "

During his state-of-the-league press conference earlier this week, Goodell is written at least four NFL is considering options to reduce the amount of dead time during games.

Changing the instant playback protocol, reducing the intervals between assessments and the ensuing kickoffs and repackaging commercial breaks among the possibilities. The fact that he can not control it yourself makes the game competitive.
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